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April, 18



Welcome to Stevensweb.

Family and friends, you won't see the good stuff until you have an account.  Email me (Richard) to get one.

Nothing new. 
Somebody please contribute some content.





1. Logging In

   If you cannot log in

  • Did you apply for an account?
  • Did you forget your password?  If so, click the link at the top to have it emailed to you.
  • Did you type your username and password in the same case that you created it?

  If you cannot see the address list, or other privileged areas

  • Send me an email asking to get privileges

2. Adding Content

  a. To add an anouncement

  •     Log in
  •     Click Add Content on the Main Menu
  •     Click Announcements icon
  •     Add a title.
  •     Add text to the Summary text area. In most cases, this will be the entire announcement.
  •     If you are using Safari (Mac), you will not have the cool toolbars that allows you to add photos, format text, etc.  I suggest you download Firefox - it works great on Macs.
  •     To see what the toolbar icons do, hover your mouse over them.  You can format txt, create hyperlinks, and anything else that HTML allows.
  •     To add a photo, click on the first icon in the third toolbar. Then click the upload tab, and the Browse button.  After uploading the picture, click Send To Server. Should be pretty self-explanatory from there.  Keep in mind that there is a size limit to the photos that you can post on a web site - the pictres straight from a camera are probably too large.  You will need to compress them with an image program (Photoshop, GIMP, Paint) using the "save for web" or similar option.

3. Address List

  •   You no longer have to log into the address list seperately.
  •   To find an address, use the "find" feature on your browser (CTRL+F or APPLE+F).
  •   To edit an address, click the name.  In the edit area, <br> indicates a line break.  A leading space is &nbsp; - just what you would have thought.  You must click SUBMIT to save.


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